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Almost four years ago, I joined GFT, a German IT Consulting firm. I was hired to boost the innovation department of the company. Throughout all these years I’ve learned a lot about Innovation and Financial Technology, but also about human relations.

March, 21st 2017, my first daughter was born: Berta. I did not think that this milestone was about to change my life. After 27 days far away from work (paternity leave), I’ve realized that being a father has altered many things.

My perception of life, my prioritization algorithm, my planning capacity, my ability to work in a team, my sharpness to detect risks, my patience when I listen to others’ demands, etc … If you are wondering if I’m talking about a first-time father’s issues or project development’s topics, then you could be a good reader of this digital spot.

Thus, in this humble space, I’ll mix two far away topics, because raise a newborn offers you many challenges, some of them quite similar to project development’s problems.

So, to mix these two topics up, my child, wife, friends and family will play many important roles as team members, clients, bosses, partners, competitors, vendors or regulators… apologies in advance.

I’ll try to post at least once a month, but you know, do not trust me, I’m still working out my estimations’ accuracy 😉

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